HAIBACHS-BULLYS.EU is the home of one of the biggest and most impressive XXL Bullys ever seen.
If you are in search of an imposing and loyal companion, then you have come to the right place. We are located in the beautiful Lower Saxony. Surrounded by truly gorgeous nature, our animals are living a dreamlike Bully-Life All of our four-legged-friends have family connection. We have time for games and fun and they are all getting their free-range area.
Every dog gets individual support and an individual preparation for his new life. Our Bullys are also always on the road with us, as a constant companion- not only to socialize them – but also to change the thinking about one of the most misunderstood dog races.
In addition to their impressive exterior, our Bullys are convincing with excellent health, good structures and a cheerful temperament and character. We do not refrain from costs nor efforts to give our dogs the best care and support possible.
Our XXXL Bullys are not only our hobby, they are our life! Because of that we are breeding our dogs with conviction and have a focus not only on their look, but much more important on their health and a balanced nature. Our pairings are carefully and long considered. Because of that we only have a limited number of pairings and a limited number of puppies emerging from it. All our dogs are UKC and ABKC registered and show an excellent Pedigree with well known bloodlines like SUNLINES, ROYALBLOODLINE, IRON CROSS, GOTTI, DDK9.
At this point you should have gotten a first impression of us, we would be glad if you get to know us I bit more by looking around at our website or visiting us after making a schedule agreement. For further questions or if you are interested in our Bullys do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail or telephone.

See you soon